Tsoureki Loaf (Greek Sweet Bread)


Handcrafted with love and centuries-old traditions, our Tsoureki Loaf is a true labour of love. Each batch is carefully prepared using the finest ingredients, including premium flour, rich butter, fragrant spices, and a touch of citrus zest. The result is a heavenly bread that combines a tender crumb with a delightful sweetness.



Indulge in the heartwarming flavours of Greece with our Tsoureki Loaf, a traditional Greek sweet bread lovingly made by the talented Ladies of Philoptochos from St. Demetrios Orthodox Greek Church of Winnipeg. This delicious creation is a testament to their dedication and passion for preserving the rich culinary heritage of Greece.

The Ladies of Philoptochos take great pride in their baking expertise, and it shines through in every aspect of our Tsoureki Loaf. From the intricately braided design that adorns its golden crust to the aromatic almond or sesame seed toppings, every detail reflects their commitment to excellence.

Whether enjoyed during festive occasions or as a comforting treat, our Tsoureki Loaf carries with it the spirit of community and togetherness. By savouring a slice, you not only experience the authentic flavours of Greece but also support the philanthropic endeavours of the Ladies of Philoptochos, who tirelessly work to uplift those in need.

Join us in celebrating tradition, culture, and the spirit of giving by savouring a slice of our Tsoureki Loaf. With every bite, you’ll experience the love and devotion that goes into creating this cherished Greek delicacy.


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