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The caring and compassionate Ladies of Philoptochos extend their support to the community by providing a thoughtful and comforting service of serving coffee at memorials, prayers, and funerals. With their warm smiles and attentive presence, they ensure that those in attendance are offered a moment of respite during difficult times.



To accommodate various needs, we offer three levels of pricing for this service:

  1. Average size group: For a nominal fee, the Ladies of Philoptochos will graciously serve coffee and Paximadia, a traditional Greek biscuit, to offer solace and sustenance to those attending the memorial. This option is perfect for smaller gatherings that require a touch of hospitality.
  2. Two shared memorials: Recognizing the importance of shared remembrances, we offer a package deal for two shared memorials at a price of $250. This includes the thoughtful service of serving coffee and Paximadia for both occasions, providing a sense of support and comfort to the bereaved.
  3. Three shared memorials or more: For those who have multiple shared memorials, we offer a discounted price of $200 per memorial. This allows the Ladies of Philoptochos to extend their service and presence to multiple occasions, ensuring that each gathering is met with compassion and warmth.

By choosing our service, you not only receive the assistance of the Ladies of Philoptochos but also contribute to their philanthropic endeavours. Proceeds from this service go towards supporting various charitable initiatives within our Greek Orthodox community, enabling us to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Allow the Ladies of Philoptochos to serve you and your loved ones during times of remembrance and reflection. With their heartfelt dedication and attention to detail, they provide a comforting presence and a warm cup of coffee to support you in your time of mourning.

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Average Size group, coffee & Paximadia, Two shared memorials, Three or more


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