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  • Coffee Service Memorials


    The caring and compassionate Ladies of Philoptochos extend their support to the community by providing a thoughtful and comforting service of serving coffee at memorials, prayers, and funerals. With their warm smiles and attentive presence, they ensure that those in attendance are offered a moment of respite during difficult times.

  • Koulourakia (1 dozen)


    Each Koulourakia is a delicate balance of flavours and textures, carefully baked to golden perfection. These buttery, subtly sweet cookies offer a delightful crunch on the outside while revealing a tender, melt-in-your-mouth center with every bite. The secret to their exquisite taste lies in the premium ingredients we select, including aromatic vanilla, fragrant orange zest, and a touch of Greek honey.

  • Taramosalata


    Made from the finest quality tarama, a delicately cured fish roe, our Taramosalata is a symphony of flavours. The roe is expertly blended with fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and a touch of garlic, creating a velvety smooth texture that melts in your mouth. The result is a dip that is both indulgent and refreshingly light, bursting with the distinct flavours of the sea.

  • Tsoureki Loaf (Greek Sweet Bread)


    Handcrafted with love and centuries-old traditions, our Tsoureki Loaf is a true labour of love. Each batch is carefully prepared using the finest ingredients, including premium flour, rich butter, fragrant spices, and a touch of citrus zest. The result is a heavenly bread that combines a tender crumb with a delightful sweetness.